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N80 Toyota Hilux

We have done extensive testing on both the Early N80's and the iArt Models (2020+), after all the testing that we have completed we're happy to offer the following packages from Mild to Wild and beyond + we have the best options for after market accessories.


300HP Kit

Multi Tune Daily 

Our 300hp (at the Rear Wheels) Kit is a multi tune select kit offering the vehicle operator the option to decrease load on drive train in high load situations.

This Kit has had extensive testing in all conditions and offer max power whilst maintaining reliability.


Everyday Driver with a little Spice

Designed to be a direct replacement kit and maintaining the factory look and appearance but giving you the most performance possible.

Perfect for towing heavy loads and achieving peak performance from factory set up.


Custom ECU Remapping

30-40% Power gains

* More available torque

* More horsepower

* Increased efficiency

* Improved towing

* Enjoyable to drive

* Better throttle response

Big Daddy Builds

350HP + Build's

3.2 liter Stroker Kit with forged internals and all the fruit to get up and bogie.

*Engine internals

*Engine Bolt-on's

*Auto Trans Upgrades and Modifications

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