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.Utilising a upgraded our direct factory fit performance turbo we have developed a performance kit capable of pushing upto 230hp and maintaining the factory look. i-Art New Model n80 Hilux's can achieve these numbers with standard turbo + Fuel system upgrades and expert tuning

40mm Billet VNT 

Designed for Pre i-Art models: Our upgraded Direct fit Turbo feature a 40mm front turbine wheel and upgraded bearings.

This Turbo has been tested to make 25hp more than standard turbo with no fuel system up grades & upto 230hp with plus size injectors.



This kit is perfect for the everyday Hilux user increasing power and torque by upwards 80% power gains over standard and 20% gains in fuel efficiency

 Combining our plus size injectors with our Direct fit 40mm VNT Turbo and a custom remap will achieve upto 230hp. 

Optional Extras:

  • Intercooler Upgrade

  • Airbox Kit

  • Exhaust Upgrades

  • Auto Trans cooler highly recommended

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