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Custom ECU Remap

A custom DPM ECU remap on the Isuzu D-Max can achieve considerable gains in Torque and Horse Power while still retaining all factory components. On average, we see about 40-60% gains in torque & 30-50% Horse power gains.

On top of the power gains its quiet possible to see saving of up to 3 liters/100km.

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Our performance team have spent the last year testing different packages to develop combination of different packages to suit everyone's needs, a custom remap from our master tuner is going to offer you plenty of benefits with little to no downsides: Better Towing Power - Better Fuel Efficiency - Better all round Driveability

Better Towing Power and Ability: due to the increased torque and horse power your vehicle will now be able to carry an increased load with ease and due to the increased performance of your engine this also increases the efficiency of your engine giving you an Increased Fuel Efficiency.

Additional Upgrades:

  • Transmission Cooler for all vehicles towing or driving in soft sand.

  • Auto Transmission Shift Kit Upgrade

  • Intercooler Upgrade or Piping Kit

  • Plus Size Injectors: Increasing the power output upwards of 230hp, Perfect for Towing.

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