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This is a full drive in your stock D-Max/BT-50 and Drive out with all the engine and automatic modifications required for you to tow at maximum capacity with ease, knowing you have the best technology and upgrades on your tow rig.

To achieve our engine performance we use an a set of Plus Size Injectors this allows us to provide you with plenty of down low power this is done by tuning through the Factory ECU or with an ECU=Shop Ultra Boost - This allows us to tune your vehicle to suit your exact requirements and also offer you Multi Map Tuning to allow you as a operator to change between 2 tune to suit your conditions.

 Towing: if you plan on towing anything bigger than a wheel barrow these standard boxes can start feeling a little sloppy in there gear changes especially 3rd to 4th, after plenty of testing we have found a software system to improve the gear box for all things towing and performance related. We Highly recommend fitting this to all vehicles that are towing or being used in high load applications eg. Soft Sand.

Towing Package Parts:

  • Plus size injectors

  • Auto Transcooler

  • Intercooler Upgrade

Optional Workshop Tuning

  • Auto Tuning Software

  • Dyno Tuning

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