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New Gen D-Max/BT-50

After extensive testing on the new 4JJ3 engine and auto power plant we have developed kits for everyone's needs, from super reliable to full race packages.


ECU Remapping

Over 30% Power gains and increased fuel efficiency

A custom DPM ECU remap on the Isuzu D-Max can achieve considerable gains in Torque and Horse Power while still retaining all factory components. On average, we see about 40-60% gains in torque & 20-30% Horse power gains.

On top of all these power gains its queit possible to see saving of up to 3 liters/100km.



230HP Tow Rig

This package is equivalent to our version of a stage 2 kit

This Kit has been tested to make upto 230HP at the rear wheels safely in all conditions and is our favorite setup if you plan on towing big weights and want to get the best combination of:

Drive-ability - Fuel Efficiency - Performance


250-300Hp Daily Kit

Running a Multi Tune kit this kit can been tuned for both reliable weekly and weekend fun.

This kit is designed to includes every thing from engine and auto upgrades, suited to the operator than just wants it done right the first time.

Kit Inludes:

Fuel System: Plus size injectors and Stroker Pump

Boosted System: New exhuast manifold, Gated Turbo upgrade, FMIC Upgrade

Race Kit

Full Built Motor with Forged Internals

This kit comes in 3 stages:

First Stage: Being built short block with forged internal & race bearing and a full machined and balanced rotating assembly

Second Stage: Includes stage 1 with a Hi-flow Cylinder Head with upgraded Cams + Valves + Valve Springs

Third Stage: Including Stage 1 & 2 this kit is all the bolt on's required to make your desired power.

From Fuel system to single and compound turbo packages we can provide a full drive drive out package.

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