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250-300HP KIT

Kit Details

This isn't your normal performance kit, our 300HP kit includes all modifications to make your vehicle as reliable as possible. Our kits have been developed including all Tuning + transmission upgrades and coolers and Engine Modification required to give you maximum performance with longevity and reliability in mind.

This kit isn't for the faint hearted or the your mate bob the back yard mechanic.

This kit requires in-depth knowledge of ECU Tuning and Programming.

Our 250-300HP Kit Includes:

  • Hi-Mount Exhaust Manifold with Gaskets & New Studs

  • Turbo Kit (Size depends on power goals).​

  • New Upgraded Oil lines and Water lines.

  • Custom Front Mount Intercooler (FMIC). Designed to suit Top Mount Turbo.

  • Upgraded Fuel System with Stroker Pump and Plus Size Injectors.

  • ECU Reprogramming and Multi Tune Select Software.

  • Extras eg. Consumables, Hoses, Filters and Fluids.

  • Custom Dump Pipe to suit current exhaust system.

  • Full Engine and Auto transmission service with new filters and fluids.



  • Auto transmission cooler.

  • Auto Valvebody Upgrade.

  • Transmission Control Module

Optional Extras​

  • PSICO Hi-mount Airbox

  • 3" or 3.5" Exhaust System

  • Hi Flow Intake Manifold

This Kit comes with 12 months/20,000km warranty when fitted by a pre-approved workshop.

*Fitment of this kit by anyone other than an approved workshop voids all warranty on all parts supplied.

** Servicing: we recommend having your  vehicle serviced 1000km of modifications completed and every 5000km after, Failure to do so voids all warranty.

***Due to individual driving styles we off no warranty or guarantee for any factory Toyota parts/Drive-line or any other part of the vehicle, every claim will be determined based on a combination of factors.

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